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Endorsed by cooking great Guy Fieri!

What's a Buttula?

The Buttula is simply the biggest, strongest, most heavy duty spatula you will find for sale anywhere!

The Buttula is a spatula designed for moving, flipping, and handling large chunks of meat such as a pork butt and brisket. The Buttula is 8 inches long x 6 inches wide, and is made of 12 guage (1/8" thick) stainless steel. It is a tool for big league barbeque competitions. Compared to the Buttula all other spatulas are toys!

If you are serious about your Barbeque, whether you be a weekend warrior or a competition cook, you need a Buttula for handling your heavy lifting!

Who is Manuel Pruneda?

My name is Manuel but my friends call me "Mex." I've been competing in big time barbeque competitions for more than 25 years with my team, Slabba Dabba Que. A couple of my favorite barbeque competitions are the Great American Barbeque and the American Royal.

In addition to competing in the Barbeque competitions I also cook throughout the year for my own family, a variety of charitable organizations, and cater for people who want to have great barbeque for a party.

I decided to design and manufacture my own tools to make things easier for myself, and my first creation is the heavy duty Buttula!

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